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million in education funding putting teacher and aid jobs at risk. >> this is the spring, you are trying to plan your budget for the fall w. this much instability and this much chaos coming from washington, the fact that it is so easily avoidable is why i am angry. >> defense spending is in the crosshairs of california alone. 64,000 department of defense employees will be furloughed. army funding cut by $54 million, the air force, $15 million. >> i think what we are doing now to the men and women we are serving is unconsciousable. >> national parks taking a beating. yosemite, less trash pick up can attract bears to the campgrounds and the trees will go unprotected from unsupervised visitors and control towers could be shutdown at smaller airports. republicans are holding out for spending cuts.
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>> we are talking about less than 3% a budget that will still grow. let's be clear. only washington, d.c. had to cut. you ask any american out there is there 3% of the federal budget that is wasted today? >> reporter: democrats feel higher income americans should pay more and less than a week left we will see who is willing to roll up their sleeves. >> this is not college not wait until the last minute and turn the essay in the congress was elected by the american people to think big and solve big problems. >> reporter: in the east bay, back to you. >> danica patrick made racing history at the daytona 500. all show she did not win, patrick is looking at the starting line for her next race next week. >> reporter: jimmie johnson took the flag at the 55th running of the daytona 500. but all eyes were on danica patrick in car number 10. she briefly took the lead halfway through. the first woman to lead for a
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full lap at nascar's biggest race. stayed near the front of the pack but fell back. as she prepared to take the wheel she looked laser focused. during the week she had the fastest qualifying time. at the starting line, patrick got a nod from actor james franko. >> drivers and danica start your engines! [cheers and applause] >> reporter: it has been a dramatic week at the track. fans were injured on saturday during the final lap of another race. a car went into the the tpeps sending tire and debris into stands. 14 fans were taken to the hospital. two remain there with serious but stable condition injuries. workers repaired the fence in time for today's race. >> as for patrick, despite her loss, danica mania is at an all- time. that is good news for her responsibility ors go
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and o.p.i. many nascar fans will be watching the next race. cbs news, daytona beach. >> and dennis will have the rest of the race highlights later on in sports. a 22-year-old, lopez, wanted in contphebgz to a home invasion last week in santa cruz. lopez is -- connection to a home invasion last week in santa cruz. lopez has not been seen. two suspects tried to tie up the couple that lived there with electrical cord. when they threatened the children in the home they broke free and held down one attacker. the other, lopez, took off with valuables. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call 911. at least 10 people are out of their homes tonight after a 2-alarm fire in san francisco's tender loin neighborhood. police officers on routine patrol saw smoke coming from the apartment building at the
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corner of golden gate and larkin streets. that is where they call for help and went banging on the doors to get everyone out. 30 to 40 residents were told to evacuate. >> i just heard pounding on the door and the firemen were there and they said i had to get out. >> nobody was hurt. just how the fire was started is still under investigation. it was an emotional day to see the pope give his final sunday address. >> reporter: pope benedict delivered his final blessing to tens of thousands from his apartment overlooking saint peters square. between rounds of applause and emotional prayers -- >> i had some tears from my eyes. >> reporter: the holy father said he is not abandoning the church. he is retiring to spend his final years in prayer. the 85-year-old is stepping down on thursday. the first pope to do so in 600
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years. >> you can feel it is something special among the people here. >> reporter: cardinals from around the world are arriving in rome to elect the next pope. what is normally a delicate transition has been interrupted by morale tkpwaeugs of scandal. >> italian media is reporting that the pope decided to resign after learning that a secret room of gay priests were being blackmailed. >> reporter: closed door vatican discussions about the allegations. the church calls the report false. >> it is focused on scandals in the church. again some, have been very, very real. nobody is denying them. the focus only goes to that we are deflected to what the church is supposed to be. >> reporter: the pope smiled and stepped back from his
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studio window for the last time. 1.2 billion catholics are waiting to see who is elected next. back to you. up next, we have your ticket to the red carpet on hollywood's biggest night. who the fan favorites are at tonight's oscars. sticker shock at the gas pump, how much the cost of a gallon of gas has jumped, why and when we might see the prices to fall again
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academy awards in hollywood. if you're watching k-p-i-x 5 instead of the oscars, we thank you for choosing us. but in case you're wondering what went on -- on the red carpet, cbs reporter bigad shaban shows us. the red carpet is out and tonight is the oscars. in case you are wondering what went on the red carpet, we have it. >> reporter: the red carpet is out and hollywood is ready for the biggest show. the oscars, fans are outside the theater trying to spot celebrities. >> it is like a once in a lifetime thing. >> now, now, now! >> reporter: "lincoln" leads
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with 11 nominations. but "argo" has been dominating. it could help the trauma win best picture. >> wait, he did not get nominated? "argo" it turned the focus towards "argo." >> the french film "amore" is celebrating. she turns 86 today and the oldest best actress nominee ever. wallace, from beast of the southern wild is the youngest. they are up against naomii watts and jessica chastain. >> >> "silver lining playbook" she is in a give in. >> and plenty of singing and dancing. >> seth macfarland is hosting and big names are taking the
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stage to perform. but the focus is on the 197 oscar nominees hoping to take home hollywood's award. cbs news, hollywood. and, it would not be the academy awards season without good-natured ribbing from the antioscars. >> and the razzi for the worst picture of the year goes to ... >> it will be a surprise. [ laughter ] >> "twilight saga." [ laughter ] >> "breaking dawn" picked up seven razzies overall including worst screen ensemble and worst actress. and it gets better or worse, the director got the worst for sequel. >> and singer rhianna got the
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worst actress award for "battleship". >> i think we would win best -- rihanna got the worst actress award for "battleship." i think we would win best weather. we'll be right back.
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of excavating and tunneling, the big dig is done. two new -- mile- long tunnels -- south of san cisco are undergoi after five years of tunneling the big dig is done. two mile long tunnels south of san francisco are undergoing final safety tests this month. the $439 million tunnel will go
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through the pacific coast highway. startling jump in gas prices. the latest survey shows they jumped 20 cents a gallon nationwide in the last two weeks. locally the shows the price for unleaded in san francisco is $4.24 a gallon. oakland it is $4.15. san jose it is $4.16 a gallon. if the prices are causing you pain you can find the best deal on gas in your area on our web sight, prices like that people were not out for a sunday drive, paul. >> maybe go for the sunday walk or a bike ride. >> yes. get outside it was georgeous. >> it was spectacular. unprecedented wintertime weather pattern. it is phenomenal out there. once again, another day in the 60s, sunshine. once again, another beautiful presunset if you will. the moon rising from behind the bay bridge over the oakland
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hills and it will be another clear and chilly night tonight. now, the question may be what can you see from the top of the mountain? you can see oakland and clear skies out to the west. also the home of kpix hi-def doplar. it is 63 right now in concord, low 60s for oakland and livermore, middle 60s in santa rosa. a beautiful day in sanoma county. san san jose. we have the radar fired up and the national radar service in the south bay. as you would expect we are completely dry. now, in january, february, combine the two months we average 21 cloudy days. that is really not that bad considering that it is wintertime. this january and february we have had only four cloudy days and i am pretty confident we will they that way for the rest of february. we are talking 59 days, only four of them cloudy. it will be cheer tonight, that will lead the chill he
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temperatures, down to 36, fremont, 38. redwood city, 38. here is the set up in the skies above us. all about high pressure which is just strong enough and just close enough to, yet again, deflect another storm system to our north. the rain is far south taking the storm track, keeping it up to the north, the sierra may see snow shower bus we will stay dry and mostly sunny. that will be that way for the entire week. more storms moving through on wednesday and one friday. no chance to get close to us. we will be sunny and mild all week long and into the beginning of march that begins on friday. incidentally that will be when we get to cents. 70 degrees up on friday. chilly temperatures when you wake up. cheer at night. sunny, mild during the day, every day for the next 7 days. now, livermore, 63. average for you, that is where you are tomorrow. average san jose, below average. 64 for you tomorrow.
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fremont, 62. redwood city you will hit 62. midel 60s for walnut creek, livermore, 63, starting off the week with a high of 62. how about 60 for mill valley? 60 for downtown san francisco. oakland tomorrow, hitting 64 degrees. we will stay in the middle 60s on tuesday and wednesday. turn it up a notch, a bit, for the final day of february on thursday. look at the weekend. look at the next weekend. starting march 1st. below 70. 70, 70, 70 on sunday, middle 60s, dry, not only is it sunny but man, the temperatures are near perfect to get outside. >> yes. gorgeous. >> no tphepbd sight. we will keep the ball rolling. >> then we will complain about rain. >> mother nature is giving us an option. >> yes. one or the other. [ laughter ] >> thank you. dennis is here and -- i was at the game friday night against the spurs, red hot. the question was could they have the momentum for the road? that is the place where they have been struggling.
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22 turnovers. >> she won the pole, could danica patrick win the race at the daytona 500?
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♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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danica patrick became the first the lead position of the daytona 500. it's now how you start, but how you finish the sports biggest race of the year.. crews working around the clock to repair the track following yesterday's ho danica patrick was the first woman to start the biggest race of the year. but it is not how you start it is how you finish. team owner tony stewart giving danica patrick last-minute advice. 90th lap, patrick is the first
5:51 pm
woman to lead a lap at the daytona 500. but, danica would not make any friends. she cuts off greg biffle coming out of the pit. >> i guess her crew chief told her to run everyone out to the grass. it will be a long year playing like that. >> reporter: danica finish 8th best ever for a woman. the 21-car driven by 2011 winner, trevor bane caused a 6- car pileup. another former sprint cup champ takes the checkered flag. [cheers and applause] >> we won the daytona 500! [cheers and applause] yeah! >> reporter: jimmie johnson wins the daytona 500. go go takes 1nd place. mark martin is 3rd. it was jj's second win and the sponsors were a huge reason for his success. >> i want to send my thoughts and prayers out to everyone that was injured in the grandstands, go to lowes buy
5:52 pm
stuff, spring is coming, buy a chevy. i am happy to race for chevy. had an awesome day. warriors big man did not travel with the team for the start of their 5-game road trip because of a disc in his back. they are looking to snap on the road. williams, out hustle golden state to a 16-point lead. the warriors began to show fight in the 2nd quarter. literally. jack, picks up a foul for hitting it. with the starters struggling it was jack and carl carrying the warriors. the two combine for 42 points off of the bench. 13. david, throws it away. the t-wolves score 32 points off of 22 warrior turnovers, pushing it the other way. in between the legs here. minnesota leading 5. over a
5:53 pm
minute to may. warriors down 1. jack drills it. final seconds and the wolves win this one. a chance to be the hero but he missed it. the warriors take it. beating them 100-99. looking for the 55th win here. oregon state swegler gives the beavers a 1-point lead. cal answers back. a game high 26. barely holding to to win. record 13 straight whips right now for cal. tumble weedses tell you how windy it was in the desert for the match play. matt, the last two-man standing. here is the 9 pole, look at him. look at the approach. the short game is on fire. two up there. watch this one. landing this one next to the hole. conceding that and then he wins
5:54 pm
the championship. becoming the second champion of the wcg. never had to play the 18th hole. rookie of the year popular heading into his sophomore campaign. the 1st inning, bombs to left center, going to go to the wall. scores, they put up a 3 spot. chris young left the game with a leg cramp. 7th inning, tied at 4. perez, goes the opposite way. 2-runs score, perez, gunned out at 3rd. this is the eventual game winner. the a's 7-5 so they are now 1- 1i. coming up tonight on game day. spring training interview with josh reddic who did not bat an eye when the angels signed hamilton in the off season. >> we are still here to be here. compete. no matter what you did in the off season. not going to change their mind. we will beat the tar out of you. does not matter if you do it for five years or what not. we will do whatever it takes to
5:55 pm
win. >> you got it. >> for the first time since game 4, giants lost the baseball game. cane, pitching one inning and allows 4 unearned runs. walking into the clubhouse and the catcher says look, hillbilly jesus has arrived. [ laughter ] >> he looks like he has been hiding under a rock. >> yes. >> so, there is a reason. he was in a contest with coco to see who can come up with the best facial hair. obviously as you can see he won it. >> but coco wins the bet. >> for the hair. you can not win him with the hair. [ laughter ] >> all right. thank you. all right. international mystery involving an east bay couple. they have not been heard from or seen in nearly a month. why family and friends are concern canned about the pair traveling in peru, that story more at 6:30. that is it for us at 5:30. see you back here in half
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aphour and then 10:00 and 11:00. good night
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>> jeff: tonight drama at the daytona 500. jimmie johnson wins as danica patrick fades at the end of nascar's big race one day after a spectacular crash that injured some 30 spectators. we have two reports. a final sunday blessing from the pope attracts 100,000 as a new scandal erupts over one of the cardinal's choosing benedict's successor. allen pizzey is at the vatican. kelly cobiella tells us the brother of oscar pistorius is also charged with a woman's death. and a movie mecca in the heart of georgia, mark strassmann visits the small town that's always ready for its close-up.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor it is already nascar's biggest race but this year's daytona 500 attracted more than just sports fans. for more than one reason. first there was danica patrick the first woman to win pole position. and today the first to lead the race but there was also yesterday's frightening crash which injured not drivers but fans. with more on all of that, mark strassmann is at the daytona international speedway. he begins our coverage this evening, mark? >> reporter: jeff, today's race began with another pileup, this one involving nine cars. although no one was hurt on the track or in the stands. daytona begins nascar's season and the sport is already on the defensive about safety. >> the second time the daytona 500 goes to jimmie johnson!

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